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Water Source Heating
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About Us

For over 42 years, Water Source Heating & Cooling has been in the business of lowering the energy costs for houses and businesses in Eau Claire and around the Chippewa Valley.

In 1983, Dan Green, owner, used his background in Industrial Technology and saw the opportunity to start his own geothermal systems company. He only installed one geothermal heat pump that first summer, but from there, the company grew into what it is today, having installed over 2,000 geothermal systems to date.

From its start as a single employee company, Water Source Heating & Cooling steadily grew and, in 1988, Dan's brother, Chad Green, joined him as a business partner. Since then, they have hired more and more employees and in 2003, Jesse Green, Dan's son, joined the Water Source team full time.

Now, 42 years after it started, Water Source Heating & Cooling is in full swing, installing over 80 geothermal systems a year.

“We primarily do residential, but we also do some small commercial. Our little world — our niche — is residential. The larger commercial jobs we get involved in are maybe one or two per year and occasionally we’ll do a large geothermal loop for a commercial building. But 90 percent of our work is residential,” said Dan Green.

What We Have Done

Water Source has been in business for 42 years and installs around 90 geothermal systems a year with an accumulative total of over 2,000 geothermal systems installed to date.