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geothermal heating and cooling by Water Source

Solar PV Solutions

Water Source offers high quality ground mount, grid-tied solar systems using the same dedication to quality that we have used for over 30 years with our geothermal systems.

Reduce Your Electric Bills

Investing a solar system allows you to significantly reduce or eliminate your electric bills, while also creating a hedge against the increasing cost of electricity!

It's Easy Being Green

Solar will also help minimize your environmental impact by generating your own electricity in an extremely environmentally friendly way!

Quick & Painless Set-up

Most installations for a 10kw system or smaller take on average 2 days, with minimal impact to the yard or surrounding areas. They also come with your own online monitoring portal at no additional cost, which allows you to see your day to day and yearly electrical production. It also gives you the ability to see the electrical production of each individual panel!

See the photos below of one of our recent
installations of a 10kw system!

Solar PV Solutions

The site, prepared and ready to start drilling the post piers for installation.


Solar PV Solutions

Setting the vertical post system, for concrete installation.


Solar PV Solutions

All the vertical posts, set and ready for concrete.


Solar PV Solutions

Setting the horizontal rails.


Solar PV Solutions

Installing the Iron Ridge panel supports.


Solar PV Solutions

Installing the first row of panels.


Solar PV Solutions

The finished product, ready to provide years of electrical power for the owners house and geothermal system!


30% Federal Tax Credit

Our solar systems also qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credit! Contact us today for more information!