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geothermal heating and cooling by Water Source


"Everybody did a great job! The crew showed up very well prepared, they were very fast and efficient at every aspect of the job. It was great that they took the time to answer any and all questions that I had. This is all they do, they do it very well and it shows."

     -- Todd and Zena Freezy

"We have been using it for about a month now and are very satisfied. We would do it again for sure!

A big thank you to everyone there. Excellent people to work with."

     -- Dan Meyer

"Your company & installers were more than professional, knowledgeable and very honest - we were happy with the entire experience."

     -- Josh Pryzbylski & Darla Crogg

"When we were planning the construction of our home on the Chippewa River, we wanted to install the most efficient HVAC system available in order to enjoy low energy costs for heating & cooling as well as comfort considerations. After researching geothermal heat pump systems and in-floor heat, this appeared to be the way to go. We met with Dan Green of Water Source Heating & Cooling to review our house plans, building site, equipment requirements and cost.

Geothermal Heating from Water Source Heating & CoolingDan felt it would be a challenge to bury an adequate size “loop” to support the system requirements due to the small size of our lot. The loop is buried at the same level as the river and the trench began to fill with water during installation. The wet soil greatly adds to the transfer of heating/cooling between the earth and the geothermal loop.

Geothermal Heating from Water Source Heating & CoolingDue to flood plain restrictions, the home is built on a slab which lent itself well to the installation of in-floor heating. The 2 ½ car garage also has in-floor heat. The forced air portion of the system provides heat and air-conditioning to the second floor of the home. Another benefit of the geothermal heat pump system is the lack of a noisy and unsightly exterior compressor for air-conditioning.

Geothermal Heating from Water Source Heating & CoolingThe Energy Star home is about 2,500 sq. ft. plus the finished garage. We moved in late September 2007 and the heating costs were lower than our former residence of comparable size. That is significant as we heated the garage at nearly the same temperature as the home itself. The geothermal heat pump system combined with the in-floor heat make the home very comfortable with no drafts whatsoever.


Thank you so much for installing the geothermal system! We were very impressed with your company from the first visit with Dan, to the care your team took setting up everything in the home and Jesse explaining the system. I love not dealing with the wood stove and the consistent temperature in the home. I'm looking forward to the first electric bill and seeing the savings in the first year. We wish we would have installed this system twenty-one years ago and will definitely recommend your company to anyone considering this system.

     -- Michele and Bob Henrickson


We would highly recommend Water Source Heating & Cooling to anyone as they are the recognized experts in geothermal heating in the Chippewa Valley. It was a pleasure to work with Dan and Chad Green and their staff."

     -- Fred & Deb Kappus


"Dear Water Source,
We are your biggest fans. In 1990 we built our first home using geothermal heating systems, and since then two more homes and two business buildings all with geothermal heating & cooling. We love the value and efficiency so much that we have purchased 7 systems total now! We would not have done a thing differently as far as our heating & cooling needs go, and always recommend your expertise and excellent customer service to everyone we talk to. On top of the monetary savings involved it is great to know we are using a 'green' source of energy and are not victimized by or dependent on the fuel market in any way. Thank you, Water Source!"

     -- Liz & Larry Collins, Eau Claire


"In 2000 when my wife and I were planning to build our house, we ran across an advertisement in the Electric Cooperative Newsletter for geothermal applications for heating homes. We contacted Water Source and they installed a geothermal system in our home. We continue to be thrilled with the performance of the system and the responsiveness of Water Source whenever we have questions.

When it came time to consider a new HVAC system for the Skyline Golf Course Clubhouse in Black River Falls, Water Source was my first call. The system is now in place at Skyline and we are enjoying the benefits of the efficiency of the geothermal system. Again, Water Source has been very professional. In addition, they introduced us to Focus on Energy and helped us make application for grants totaling over $13,000.

If anyone is considering an HVAC system, I highly recommend the geothermal approach and Water Source as the best source for this technology!"

     -- Alden J. Hoefer, General Manager
        Skyline Golf Course
        Black River Falls, WI


"Ten years ago we built our first home and had the good sense to do a little research on geothermal heat. That research stated with a discussion at WaterSource heating & cooling! The breadth and depth of their knowledge in this area was endless. We additionally learned about in-floor heat, off-peak electricity panels, and air-exchangers. The result was we put all of the above in our new home! The savings from the off-peak electricity and the comfort of the in-floor heat has been wonderful! Five years later, when we decided to build our office we knew in-floor heat would be part of our building design. Again the staff at WaterSource assisted us on the commercial office project! I would never build without putting in-floor heat in the project – Thanks to WaterSource heating & cooling and their wonderful staff!"

     -- Dirk and Clara Nohre


"My wife and I built a new home in 2001. At the time we were looking for ways to conserve energy because we were planning on living in the home for at least 10 years. Our builder told us about geothermal heating & cooling systems from Water Source in Eau Claire. We analyzed the cost of installing this system along with a conventional furnace for a backup. We also analyzed the break-even point based on current natural gas prices as well as the cost savings by having a duel fuel system. As an appraiser I realized the geothermal system would add value to the property when we sold the home. This was an added bonus by purchasing the geothermal system. We have been in the home now for eight years and haven't had problems with the system. We have already recouped our original costs from the purchase. The forced air and in-floor heat has worked well for us in both the winter and summer months.

I would encourage any new or existing homeowner to examine the benefits of this system and what it has to offer both now and for the future value of your home."

     -- Jeff White, Property Appraiser
        Valuation Specialists

Think You'll Find It Cheaper?

To heat your home using a high efficiency gas furnace as inexpensively as you could with a geothermal heat pump on regular rate electricity, you would have to buy LP gas for approximately 59 cents a gallon.