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geothermal heating and cooling by Water Source

Why should you invest in a geothermal system?

The ground absorbs about 47 percent of the sun's energy that reaches the Earth. Geothermal systems harness that free, renewable energy and provide environmentally friendly ways to heat and cool your home.

Lower operating costs

Geothermal systems operate more efficiently than ordinary heating and air conditioning systems, saving you up to 70 percent of heating costs in most cases.

Safe and clean

The high-efficiency air cleaners remove dust and pollens to improve indoor air quality and operate with no flame, no flue, no odors and no danger of fire or carbon monoxide.

Quiet operation

A super-efficient compressor and variable speed fan make the system so quiet that many people find themselves checking to make sure the system is actually on.


With the variable speed units you get precise distribution of warm air in winter. Gone are the uneven temperatures experienced with ordinary furnaces. In summer you get central air conditioning with better dehumidification.


Four major tasks of conditioning a home that can all be accomplished with geothermal heat pumps more efficiently than with conventional systems are heating, central air conditioning, domestic hot water, and radiant floor heat.

Environmentally friendly

The system emits no carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, or other greenhouse gases, which are considered to be major contributors to environmental air pollution. In fact, WaterFurnace geothermal systems are recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as the most environmentally friendly, cost effective and energy-efficient heating & cooling technology available. You can make a significant contribution to a cleaner environment while saving up to 70 percent on your energy bills.


Microprocessor controls and state-of-the-art components allow smooth operation and years of virtually maintenance-free operation.

Growing Green

Installing a single geothermal unit is the environmental equivalent of planting 750 trees or removing two cars from the road.