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Geothermal Energy From the Earth...Serving the Earth

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24 Hour Service

Water Source Heating & Cooling provides 24 hour service calls on systems we have installed. We will provide service on systems we did not install at our discretion.

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Ductwork, Air Filters, and Humidifiers

One of our installation practices that we pride ourselves on is the quality of our ductwork. We start our installation with an insulated, custom built, supply plenum which drastically reduces air noise from the heating equipment and also any noise from the components that are inside the equipment. We also build custom return air drops that are also insulated to reduce noise. We do everything we can to provide the customer with the quietest and most effective duct system possible.

Then, the rest of the ductwork is installed to function properly with correct sizing to provide the best balanced system we can provide to the customer. We finish off the duct system with one of the highest quality air filters on the market today, the Aprilaire Whole-Home Media Air Cleaner. We also offer the option of adding on a whole-home humidification system from Aprilaire, which is installed directly to the ductwork and provides the entire home with the correct amount of humidity selected by the homeowner.


Why Invest in Geothermal Heating & Cooling?

The Department of Energy and the EPA state that geothermal systems are the most environmentally friendly ways to heat and cool your home.
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